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Prices are not listened as they vary from business to business, call or contact us to make an appointment and receive a free audit of your business.



1PACKAGE delivers the most cost-effective results. The creation of a promotional video of your business is highly recommended. We create a 1-2minute promotional video to be uploaded to your YouTube account, plus a photoshoot of your business and your goods so that we can use them when posting on your social media platforms. This is an ongoing process and we will work closely with you to meet additional business needs at no extra cost.

Once the base is set up, we can create your Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account and all other forms of social media from which your business will benefit. We create engaging post by using Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Pixlr to catch people's eyes while they are scrolling through their social media. 12sociamedia can create social media content that brings your brand to life and truly resonates with your customers.

The best social media content comes from a mix of creativity and data. Our content team looks at the relevant data around your brand and audience and uses it to find the content that will work for you. From this we can create a robust plan to create and manage your brand’s social media content to ensure your audiences see the right posts, at the right time, on the right channel.

Your social media content is a key part of your brand experience. 12socialmedia can design targeted social media content for your brand which perfectly aligns with your audience and their needs along with marketing strategies such as periodical discounts, offers or giveaways to increase your presence in the local community and to give you an advantage over your competitors.


If you sell your products online, then we have the perfect package for you. This is the most comprehensive package to benefit your store. 12socialmedia will cover and deliver the most advanced digital techniques that our team can qualitatively deliver.

This package includes the 1PACKAGE plus some paid services such as Facebook advertisements and Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and the daily budget will be discussed with our client. Social Media Strategy Development is a long-term strategy comparing analysis of your competitor’s social media campaign to your one. We analyse what your competitors are doing and therefore tailor the right marketing strategy.

The SEO is a crucial aspect if you want your website to rank highly on the search engines when people search your services or goods online. We collaborate with a specialised team that can deliver this services by editing your website with the proper keywords that customers use to find what they need and therefore what your website offers.

Email marketing and text messages are the life blood of a business, therefore using email/phone contact with your customers is fundamental for an efficient marketing campaign. Why waste time, energy and effort by trying to get always new customers and in the meantime lose the ones you have by not remarketing to them appropriately? We also develop your website with features such as “Call to Action” so that we can retarget those people who visited your website. We can also implement Facebook Pixel in your website.